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Composite Image with HDR Background.

HDR Composite Portrait Photograph

Shooting composite images has become a widely used technique. This allows photographers to create images that would not normally be possible with just one frame.

I personally enjoy shooting this way as it allows me to utilize a lot of skills I have developed over the years in photography and image retouching. This image was created on location by shooting the subject separate from the background. The lighting set up I went with is one of my favourites. I love shaping light and manipulating shadows/highlights. I could have shot the subject in my studio for more control but we were at this location to shoot other portraits for his portfolio.

Hugo is a stuntman in Vancouver BC so I wanted to create an image that was just the right amount of edgy. I shot an HDR background of the location to capture all of the detail in the shadows, midtones and highlights.

HDR Composite Portrait Photograph

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shooting a composite is to make sure your camera angles line up in all of your images. This will help in selling the final composite image to the viewer. Once you have shot all of the plates you will need, bring everything together in post by manipulating the light further, be sure to blend all of the colours and tones together so that nothing looks out of place. The goal is to sell the final image to the viewer without question.

HDR Composite Portrait Photograph - Hugo Steele

Final image composite of Hugo Steele, Actor/Stuntman