Get The Shot Studios - Photography by Mark Whitehead


Natalia Vaskina, Airbrush Artist, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Natalia Vaskina is a talented makeup artist and hair stylist, a creative professional with an instinctive ability to bring out the unique beauty of each person.

Originally from Russia, Natalia moved to Vancouver to pursue her career as a makeup artist. Natalia is a graduate from John Casablanca’s Institute in Vancouver BC; an institute widely recognized as the industry leader in providing job-ready training and has been setting the standard for artistry and innovation for over 30 years. JCI continues to stand behind top professionals in the areas of Fashion, Make-Up, Hair and Aesthetics.


Natalia has developed a unique style of makeup and hair services that range from clean, beauty looks for professional headshots to crazy and artistic full body air brushing for creative portraits.